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Briarcliffe College announces 2013 Captains

0 Comments 10 December 2012

The Briarcliffe Bulldogs announced today that two seniors would be the captains for the 2013 season. The names come as no surprise as the two players are two of the most decorated since Coach Pagano took over the Bulldog program five years ago. It’s not what they bring to the team on the field that has made them captains but rather everything else they have excelled at.

“The Bulldog captains for 2013 have shown that they are not only dedicated to the lacrosse program but to the school as a whole,” Coach Pagano wrote in an announcement yesterday.

The first of the senior captains is Timothy Dillon. Dillon has been a starting face-off midfielder since coming to the Bulldogs. Dillon has racked up numerous post-season honors. He has been selected three times as the PCLL 1st Team All Conference Face-Off Specialist. Dillon has also climbed the All-American ladder being an Honorable Mention, 2nd Team, and finally last year a 1st Team All-American. Dillon is the first and only 1st Team All-American in Briarcliffe history. Dillon is no stranger to being a captain. This is his third year in a row being selected to be a captain for the Bulldogs.

Coach Pagano is quoted as saying, “Tim’s play speaks for itself. You shouldn’t have to argue to make a player an All-American if he’s earned it. Dillon has certainly earned it. He means so much more to our team and our school than just being an All-American. He’s the student government president. He’s organized numerous student blood drives; he’s teamed up with the Lighthouse Mission and organized a school initiative to collect school supplies for children in need. He’s also collected and distributed supplies for victims of Hurricane Sandy. He does all this and holds the second highest GPA on the team. That’s what makes Tim a captain. Anyone that meets him knows what a great young man he is.”

Not to be outdone the second senior captain is just as decorated and just as active in the college. Jon Bonacore has been a starter at attack since his freshman year and this will be his fourth year in a row being selected as a captain. Bonacore has been selected twice to the PCLL 1st Team All-Conference. In Jon’s freshman year he was also selected as the PCLL Offensive Player of the Year. Bonacore is also climbing the All-American ladder having garnered Honorable Mention and 2nd Team All-American honors.

“Jon’s class is my first class that I recruited after becoming the Head Coach here so it’s great to see all he has accomplished. Like Tim, it’s not about what Jon does on the field that makes him special. Bonacore is the student government treasurer. Jon works in the school Learning Center and monitors the teams’ study hall hours. He identifies students with academic needs, is a liaison with the departments’ deans, and helps to organize and schedule tutors for those students in need. He is also a tutor himself. It probably comes as no surprise that the only player with a higher GPA than Dillon is his co-captain, Bonacore.” Coach Pagano goes onto say, “They were selected as captains for all their work off the field, they have the respect of their teammates for their work on it. Bonacore scored a game winning goal against Coast Guard last season in the fourth quarter. That might seem pretty standard until you realize he had torn his ACL in the third quarter. Dillon also scored a game winner against Coast Guard except his goal was in overtime in the conference championship game. We weren’t a very strong team last year but these two players helped keep us in contention. This season we have good talent, better numbers, and fall ball went well. How well this coming season goes depends a lot on the leadership of these two captains.”

Looking at the example they have already set Briarcliffe College believes the Bulldogs have two very good captains leading them. Coach Pagano promised us a look at the new players and the 2013 game schedule in the next couple of days.

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