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Player Spotlight: ASU Freshman “Finn” Wells

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Lacrosse is all about the people who play it and make up the teams.  It’s not about “we vs. them” – it’s all about becoming “us.”  Getting to “us” involves learning a little more about “them.”  Lax Daily got to know a little about James “Finn” Wells,

a Freshman member of the Lax Magazine #2 MCLA-1 Preseason Ranked Arizona State “Sun Devils” Men’s Lacrosse team.  “Finn” has got his work cut out for him on a team where the bar is high and expectations seem even high after four recent MCLA-1 final-four tournament appearances.  But we think he’ll be just fine…


Name:  James “Finn” Wells

School: Arizona State University (“Sun Devils”)

Division: MCLA Division 1

Year/Major: Freshman,  Business Finance with a double in Business Management

Jersey Number, Position: #3, Midfield

High School, Key Stats: Chaparral High School (Paradise Valley, AZ)

3 year starting Midfielder, First Team All State & All Star (Junior), Adidas All American, 145 career Points

High School Club: Adrenaline All Star x3

Picture Caption:My friend Mitchell Drake and I, he is also a freshman at ASU on the team.


Lax Daily: Why Arizona State?

Finn: Arizona State was an easy choice.  I picked ASU because it is close to home, has good weather year around, the lacrosse is phenomenal, and the business school is top 25 in the world.  Location was the biggest priority, I did not want to go to the cold weather.  I was recruited to play for schools like Marquette and Dennison, but they were just too cold for me — and California was not somewhere I wanted to live, so I choose Tempe.

Lax Daily: What’s it like being a freshman athlete again after having just been at the top as a senior in high school?

Finn: Being a freshman again on a team has been much different than my senior year of high school.  On my old team I could tell the younger kids to get the goals, get water, and I was looked up too as someone they could count on.  Now I am at the low end of the totem pole and I am in charge of getting the goals, taking things to coaches car, and basically doing whatever the seniors tell me to do.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Great to get daily dose of inspiration and excitement about lacrosse enthusiasts. Keep up the features covering the side streets off of Main Street Lacrosse. This sport touches so many different walks of life and bridges the genders like no other sport.

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